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Chef Jean Paul Luvanvi has been a Culinary Chef in Santa Barbara for 20 years. His passion is helping people heal themselves through food and is a true advocate and living example that quality food can increase one's chances of a happier and healthier lifestyle. Jean Paul continues to spread this message not only to health clinics, but also through teaching, recipes, privately catered events, meal planning and private deliveries to families throughout Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.

Born in France to a French father and Vietnamese mother, Jean Paul’s love for food is in his genes. His knack for combining pleasant, yet unexpected flavors, has caused him to be a highly sought after talent in the culinary field. With a resume that boasts success at well-known Californian favorites such as the Cliff House, the Beverly Hills Health Café, the Fish House, the Shellfish Company, La Barca, Chad’s, DISH, and Le Bon Café, Jean Paul now uses his skill and expertise, to focus on his passion: helping and healing people through food.

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