Our goal at LuVanVi Foods is to make it easy and affordable for our clients to eat healthy every day! 

We provide freshly prepared meals from locally sourced ingredients that are all natural, organic and GMO  free. Our meals are prepared according to each client’s individual nutritional needs and delivered right to their door. We serve many aspects of our community; seniors, families, singles, business groups and executives.

Our clients are health-conscious and desire fresh, high quality meals that are that delight the palette while maintaining variety and a high nutritional value. Additionally, it’s important to our clients to know the origins of their food. They have expressed this along with their gratitude for LuVanVi Foods’ commitment to local sources and products.

At LuVanVi Foods we use the finest, local, all natural ingredients. Unfortunately, most people unknowingly consume horrific amounts of GMO and/or additives and preservatives in their food. These artificial aspects can have a negative effect on our immune systems, causing all
kinds of health concerns and possibly lead to serious illness. Chef Jean Paul has made a commitment to produce affordable, organic meals that are GMO and preservative free and nutritionally balanced. 

Unlike his competitors, Chef Jean Paul can offer 100% customization for each client. His clients’ dietary needs and health issues have included diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, ADHD, leaky gut syndrome, and more. Everyone receives the same commitment; and the goal is to provide the greatest nutritional benefit for each person’s needs and to make it convenient, healthy, delicious, fresh and affordable!