“Delicious, healthy, customized meals. Friendly, reliable, flexible deliveries. The priceless gift of the extra time this service frees up for our family. Thank you, thank you Jean Paul LuVanVi! ”

“We've had Jean Paul's meals for more than two years. We are quite pleased with the quality and variety of his meals.”

~ May & Bert Karin

“What could be better than having fresh, healthy, delicious food prepared and delivered to your doorstep at an amazingly reasonable price?? I have been lucky enough to have Jean Paul preparing my meals for 3 months now, and even though I was on a very restricted diet he did such a wonderful job with the foods I was allowed to have that I barely noticed I wasn't eating the full range of foods. He is such a caring person and puts a lot of LUV into every meal. I am a big fan!"

~ Barbara

“Using the LuVanVi service for over a year has been a real help! It saves us cooking, shopping and time! The quality is excellent. They're very responsive to changes we ask for. Quality of food is tops!! ”

~ The Fletchers

“To me healthy and balanced nutrition is very important. During the week my life is very busy and I do not have the time to plan my meals. At lunch I used to run out an grab something and as it is very hard to find nutritionally rich food on the run, I ended up eating lunch that was far from healthy. I decided to get food delivered by Jean Paul at Luvanvi. I love his food and feel so good when I eat it. Not only do I get a colorful plate of nutritionally dense food delivered to my office for a very reasonable price, but also I know I am giving my body what it needs to keep me healthy and happy. Thank you Jean Paul!”

~ Mia Lundin

Nurse Practitioner, Center for Hormonal and Nutritional Balance

"Amazing food. My brain and body have never connected so well. The satisfaction of what I was eating was too good to be this healthy!"

~ Thomas Abraham

"As a personal trainer I know how important nutrition is to living a healthy life. I recommend Jean Paul to all my clients, his food is healthy and balanced and still tastes great! You shouldn't have to give up great tasting food to reach your goals, no matter what they are. I can trust Jean Paul to create food that will help my clients lose weight, grow strong immune systems and most importantly learn what it means to eat a balanced diet. Everyone should enjoy the food they eat, with Jean Paul's food you can count on it, thanks JP!

~ Chad Stewart

Personal Trainer/ Endurance Athlete